Revolutionising delivery through a product mindset

It feels like a perennial debate, the one that never goes away or even the one that got away, how to make sure we are always focused on what our colleagues and customers need from the things we do. It’s a debate that has been raging over the last week in my head and with… Read More

Manual Of Me

Joining a new organisation and becoming the new boy again is daunting. A great friend of mine recently moved roles inside the NHS and created a ‘Manual Of Me’ to share with his new colleagues, I loved the idea so much that, with his permission, I have done the same. I figured if I was… Read More

Ten Skills for Tomorrow

Recently an infographic of the most important skills to have and to recruit in 2024 popped up on LinkedIn. It is a really interesting list and it got me thinking how do we define these capabilities, how do we go after them in the team and when we have them how do we deploy them… Read More

Review of 2022

So another year ends. Personally an amazing year with dream after dream coming true with the most amazing people I could wish to be with. For TEN years the review of the year has evolved and changed and sometimes the year has ended with so much change it has felt like a roller-coaster of a… Read More

Blind spot impacts & avoiding them now..

How we need to avoid our blind spot hampering our journey. What is our blind spot for change? The idea is not right alongside the vehicle you are in. The idea is a little back, in the blind spot, on your blind side. It’s hard to see whether the idea will eventually drift to a… Read More

Ditch the generic terms to build better engagement.

Generic terms and generic answers and how we need an evolving language to build more engagement in digital. When we consider how we talk about technology and its impact I would dearly love us to get away from generic terms and become more creative in how we describe benefits that we are here help our… Read More

We all have a bad day occasionally…

We all have bad days, yes? Working in IT in any environment sometimes feels like the world set up this morning with a clear goal, to discredit what we are trying to achieve. All the platitudes of business transformation at the centre of what we do go out the window really quickly if run-first is… Read More

How to ‘make’​ Innovation land…

The way we ‘make’ innovation land is changing for so many reasons. Last week I was part of two conversations that made me think again about how we, as digital leaders, are responsible for innovation and change across the width of our businesses. For at least a decade we have been talking and hearing about… Read More

In a digital world consider analog.

Rich Corbridge (CIO Boots UK & Ireland) and Jawaz Illavia (CIO No7 Beauty Company, Global Sourcing, International Retail and Healthcare Futures) are two CIOs who have led technology and transformation at very different organisations until coming to WBA as senior leaders outside of the US. Published initially by Jawaz in late March now published here to reach a… Read More

Tim Berners Lee

Now before you read any more of this then please accept that I am a Tim Berners Lee fan boy for so many reasons. The obvious being his knowledge and achievements but also how he conducts himself, his thought process now, how he manages himself on stage and his outlook of the future. Also consider… Read More

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