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Digital Recognition…

  Over the last few weeks there has never been a more important time to recognise the work that we each do in this team we call digital. Not just here in the department I call home, not even ‘just’… Read More

The KLAS of 2024…

KLAS, the global conference, the gathering of minds comes together again to do what KLAS has become famous for, sharing stories, offering each other help and creating the greatest of support networks you are likely to come across. Digital healthcare… Read More

THINK- Top Five Takeaways

I attended IBM’s Think: Unlocking the Power of AI in Boston in May, it was brilliant. Being in the fortunate position of attending – never mind speaking at a global conference is never lost on me. It feels like I can… Read More

School Report 2024

Thinking Into Results – Decision Making

Rob Houraghan posts some brilliant LinkedIn content, focusing around the ideas of Thinking Into Results. He is well worth a follow. One of his recent posts on decision making got me and my colleague Jill Moore thinking about what the… Read More

Using the noises off Stage….

When you are trying to get the theatre production perfect the last thing you want are noises off stage from those that are about enter the fray. You need the focus to be in (and on) the moment. You need… Read More

A reflection on how we are doing it…

Being in different offices different parts of the week is helping me stay grounded and connected to the team as much as I can. The opportunity to lead the organisation wide senior leaders call with my boss this month was… Read More

Developing Wonderful People

Every day of our working lives, the teams who work on digital services at DWP Digital make a difference to millions of people. Everyone who contributes to our goals as an organisation is directly involved in our core mission of… Read More

Desert Island Discs

On 16 December 2007 Paul Weller was inaugurated into that wonderful cast of cultural heroes that have been castaway to  a desert island. Allowed to take just one of the eight records that they have ‘waxed’ (if you will ignore… Read More

Professional Digital Leaders are a Transformational Force…

HotTopics article #One reposted here. Read More

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