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Review of 2022

So another year ends. Personally an amazing year with dream after dream coming true with the most amazing people I could wish to be with. For TEN years the review of the year has evolved and changed and sometimes the year has ended with so much change it has felt like a roller-coaster of a… Read More

Ditch the generic terms to build better engagement.

Generic terms and generic answers and how we need an evolving language to build more engagement in digital. When we consider how we talk about technology and its impact I would dearly love us to get away from generic terms and become more creative in how we describe benefits that we are here help our… Read More

We all have a bad day occasionally…

We all have bad days, yes? Working in IT in any environment sometimes feels like the world set up this morning with a clear goal, to discredit what we are trying to achieve. All the platitudes of business transformation at the centre of what we do go out the window really quickly if run-first is… Read More

2021 A year in review

Its that time of year again, one that I look forward to every year, its review of the year time. This is nine years of doing this, so much has changed in life, in the world, in what I do and what I love the most, so here goes, here’s to 2021. Diving into this… Read More

Remembering Colleagues from the year gone by…

So many people have been or are currently affected by the devastating impact of COVID-19.  People have lost loved ones, family, friends and colleagues over the last 12 months and it has been devastating. In February of this year we lost a colleague to Covid-19, a colleague who inspired so many people with her way… Read More

2020 – My Review

In a normal year writing this is something I look forward to hugely, I have done this for eight years now on this blog, last year was an emotional rollercoaster to read, this year, well it’s not exactly been the year any of us planned has it? Every year I relish the opportunity to look… Read More

A Dublin Memory…

As the final few minutes of the BBC dramatization of Sally Rooney’s Normal People came to an end I was reminded of the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Dublin behind. No matter whether it was my own reality of leaving or the end of the amazing Glen Hansard staring film Once, the cliff hanger of… Read More

Innovation in a new world…

Written as a brain dump of all the things I wanted to cover in the Nimbus Ninety Breakfast Club session that was recorded on the 17th of April 2020. So much to get views on, to build views from and try to create a community of interest around… but I only had 45 minutes so… Read More

Brand studies…

How do we truly create brand appeal in the generation of AND not OR? In particular how does the appeal of shampoo and soap effectively become a brand with such cool, such kudos that simply seeing it on the high street in sunny (or in fact a very rainy) London inspires me to reach for… Read More

2019 A WIndy Year That Was…

Welcome to my seventh review of the year, a longer read than my normal blog posts, enjoy. Well, that was a whirl wind! A wind with rain in it; a wind with warm sunrise after the storm smells in it; a wind that at times blew directly into my face and a wind that at… Read More

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