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Using the noises off Stage….

When you are trying to get the theatre production perfect the last thing you want are noises off stage from those that are about enter the fray. You need the focus to be in (and on) the moment. You need… Read More

A reflection on how we are doing it…

Being in different offices different parts of the week is helping me stay grounded and connected to the team as much as I can. The opportunity to lead the organisation wide senior leaders call with my boss this month was… Read More

Developing Wonderful People

Every day of our working lives, the teams who work on digital services at DWP Digital make a difference to millions of people. Everyone who contributes to our goals as an organisation is directly involved in our core mission of… Read More

Wah Wah

If anyone knows about Record Stores it’s Nick Hornby, for me he captures the essence of ‘my’ record store unequivocally; ‘Record stores can’t save your life, but they can give you a better one!’ I moved to my town just… Read More

Presentation from WRK Digital, lots of fun live from a stage…

A conversation piece last week was me on a cinema screen stage which was quite good fun, and the other presenters were amazing and the whole context of the evening seemed to hang together exceptionally well. For once I had… Read More

Sense-making in partnership

Central Government Partnership Network (CGPN) Conference 2023 Last week I spent a brilliant two days at Heathrow with the Cross Government Partnership Network (CGPN), chairing two amazing days as government departments and agencies from across all the mechanisms of government… Read More

Clarity of Sight

Writing our first collaboration together about the thing that connects us the most our views on how people work together and what is needed to drive change and behaviours, Steve and I have enjoyed being colleagues for a long time,… Read More

KLAS…. the class of 2023

Bringing the brains together that KLAS does has always been an amazing experience. The buzz about the event, the way people come together to share in an unapologetic, kind and considered way has always blown my mind, here we are… Read More

The change cycle & Domain Driven Design…

Seven weeks in to a new role. You know what you want to do to make a difference and no CIO wants to come in and make changes for the sake of it; and yet at the same time you want the… Read More

Revolutionising delivery through a product mindset

It feels like a perennial debate, the one that never goes away or even the one that got away, how to make sure we are always focused on what our colleagues and customers need from the things we do. It’s… Read More

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