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International menu of interoperability…

First published on When you are on holiday do you play that ‘why?’ and ‘what if…’ game? For example in the USA on a recent holiday we were chatting about why foods are called different things in different countries. A quick poolside thumb poll had the list below as differences between the UK and… Read More

If only IT were free.

Originally published in the BJ-HC (British Journal of Healthcare Computing) A change has to come to organisations perceptions of digital, not what it can do, not even that its focus has to be business change, no; the biggest change that needs to be considered and understood is that digital costs money. In healthcare we seem… Read More

The Digital Customer…

This blog was originally published by What does it mean to have a digital consumer experience? Probably the music industry has managed to make the most of the digital market for consumers in recent years. And even now the impact of consumer and artist continues to evolve what is delivered at a pace that… Read More

More than building blocks

Do you remember being a kid and playing with Lego? In our house we had a small suitcase full of Lego. It used to make the most horrendous noise as you crashed around the case looking for the specific piece, but the building base was always the easiest to find and the most important to… Read More

Digital Leadership, its all in the words…

A short blog on my views on digital leadership in eHealth and the wider environment… It’s all in the words… Organisations looking at how to modernise healthcare through the deployment of digital solutions are in the process of falling over themselves to get the descriptions and the words right. Recently I have seen two articles… Read More