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Blog entries from 2020 where I took the giant leap to put my words that describe so much more out into the public domain.

A Dublin Memory…

As the final few minutes of the BBC dramatization of Sally Rooney’s Normal People came to an end I was reminded of the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Dublin behind. No matter whether it was my own reality of leaving… Read More

The Goal…

Once a shared centre of attention, now a little alone, not as pure in its intention, to deliver the difference to make a win or to cause a loss. Twenty four by eight, and yet here it stands, here alone;… Read More

States of being (Beatless Mix)

What will be; will be, What won’t be will wasp, What will wasp will not be, When we be we really be. What will be; will be, What won’t be will spider, What will spider will not be, When we… Read More

A Jesus Turtle’s to do list…

An ex exclaimed; you always love shiny and (k)new, I knew that making new was what I was here to do. Now insisted; I can be yours, your way forward to be new, I knew that to renew forwards had… Read More

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