An ex exclaimed; you always love shiny and (k)new,
I knew that making new was what I was here to do.
Now insisted; I can be yours, your way forward to be new,
I knew that to renew forwards had ups, downs, lefts and rights and that was going to be a to-do.
The past warned; you can’t do a turn around now,
I knew dwelling there had no reason, a smile was in the future, and that’s what I had to do.
Now was clear they had heard it before; clear they wanted to hear it again,
I knew that I had created a way to be a new to-do.
The future simply knew I was wistfull, looking for that lost half that needed to be finished;
I knew I had found the lost half that the dream was of and that it would never need to finish,

I no longer had a list to do. The to do list was new.
The past, the present, the now, the future, the tomorrow all had it wrong,
I knew how to do!

Then I met a Jesus Turtle and she made sense of it all, she knew that i was a to-do!

She had a new list that she knew I needed to now get on and do!




Poem #1 that first moment when you sit there and go, ahh f@£kit what is the worse that can happen…. Thanks to J. Walker who was clear he wanted these to be out there… Well here goes… I am not sure how many there will be but this is the first.