Richard Corbridge is a globally recognised expert in healthcare strategy and digital technology, with over 20 years experience in the Health and Clinical Research Information sectors. Richard has a passion for innovation, business change and benefits management. As a leader he insists on a focus on engagement and benefits being brought to all technology implementation.

In 2019 he was appointed as the first Director of Innovation at Boots UK with a remit to deliver a transformed high street pharmacy and health and beauty experience for customers across the UK. The role also has accountability back to the wider Walgreens Boots Alliance for innovation across the group.

In 2020 he is on a mission to tak e the delivery of healthcare to the high street, to democratise healthcare and create a new experience for everyone that is convenient, approrpiate and safe.

Prior to Boots he led Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust as their first Chief Digital and Information Officer with a remit of bringing a ‘must do’ culture to the digital capability of the trust and ensuring that Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, one of the largest in the NHS, adopted a digital fabric to how it delivered health care by 2019.

Earlier in his career Richard was the Chief Information Officer for the Health Service Executive in Ireland. In the three years Richard was in Ireland he achieved many successes, including the implementation of a unique identifier for health, along with a fully digitized referral process. He put in place Irelands first clinical information officer’s council, whilst driving a team to begin the first epilepsy genomic sequencing programme globally. He then went onto deliver the ability to implement a national lab system and oversaw the delivery of a national maternity health record.

He was instrumental in the reform of the Irish healthcare technology system that has subsequently seen a plethora of awards and recognitions for the team across Europe and globally. Ireland is a global leader in the genomic study of epilepsy due to Richard’s work with Future Neuro and the innovation and academic capability created by that group.

In 2017 Richard was named the number one CIO from the UK in the EDG CIO Magazine CIO100, listed in Hot Topics global CIO100 and Ireland’s first CIO100. He was also named the eGovernment Visionary of the year. In 2018 he was named as the most disruptive talent in digital by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak and was shortlisted by the British Computer Society as CIO of the year. In 2019 in recognition of his work in Ireland he was awarded the O’Moores medal for technology by the Irish Computer Society and Irish government, the highest accolade ever awarded to a digital health leader in Ireland.

Richard has worked as a non-Executive director on a series of health start-ups assisting each to successful investment including Draper and Dash, Forward Healthcare and Silver Buck. He has also sat on the advisory board of HIMSS, The European Connected Health Alliance board, a founding member of the EU Commission’s Health Cloud and AI Council, the Information Security Forum’s Open Data working group and the global KLAS advisory board.
In 2019 Richard was named by the Huffington Post as one of the most ‘Social CIOs’ in the world.

You can see the daily ins and outs of his work and life by following him on twitter at: @R1chardatron

He sometimes puts random acts of spoken word poetry up here too…